The Entrepreneur

Recently, I realised that most of my life I have been inherently creative and entrepreneurial. I wish I had discovered my entrepreneurial itch when I was younger – and had the extra years of experience and learning. Alas, since the birth of my first business in October, 2009, I have been actively pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams and building startups.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey:

Vital Link (Oct ’09 to Dec ’10)

My first technology startup was founded with Sam Dalton and Medha Ghatikesh. We started Vital Link because we wanted to solve extreme poverty. We believed in the power of trade over aid, and chose to share the stories of Fairtrade products. Our first product was Vital Gifts, a Facebook shopping and recommendation engine for the Fairtrade industry. We worked with major players: the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, the World Fair Trade Organisation, the Global Poverty Project, the Fairtrade Association and more.

Shopt (Jan ’11 – Jun ’12)

Founded with Sam Dalton. We wanted to take what we learned at Shopt and create a real income stream for us as entrepreneurs. Shopt was a Facebook shopping solution for online retailers. Sam was CTO and lead geek, but has since taken a job with

Digitribal (Jun ’11 – present)

Founded in Jun ’11, and brought on our great team in Apr ’12. Digitribal is a platform for building great teams. We use a powerful combination of project management and team methodology to bring together NZ freelancers around digital and technology projects for clients. We absolutely believe in passionate people doing what they love.

Copono (Nov ’11 – present) formerly “Conscious Consumers”

A startup conceived at Startup Weekend Wellington, we are now a team of ten people. Copono makes buying sustainable, ethical and healthy products simple and easy for people that care. We currently have a vegan/vegetarian platform and mobile app.

My other involvements:

Startup Weekend New Zealand (Apr ’11 – present)

I co-organise Startup Weekend NZ with a passionate group of NZ entrepreneurs. We have run 5 Startup Weekends for entrepreneurs in AucklandWellington and Christchurch. With many more to come in the months ahead. Startup Weekend is the most inspiring event you will ever attend if you are an entrepreneur in NZ wanting to make your way in the world. Find event details and buy your tickets here.

Refurly (Sep ’11 – present)

A startup I worked on with Dan Khan and now offer my expertise and advice where possible. Refurly makes it easier and faster to build fruitful relationships.

I mentor and advise a few other entrepreneurs and startups around the scene. Let me know how I can help you, and when you need it.

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