My entire entrepreneurial journey is blessed with fantastic mentors. These are the people that really make a difference in my life. They choose to believe and support me when everyone else thinks I’m insane. These are the great mentors that have transformed my life

Dan Khan is a serial entrepreneur, super geek and lean startup practitioner. If you are new to startups or entrepreneurship then you need to talk to Dan about the Lean Startup Methodology.

Rowan Yeoman is an angel investor and team specialist. If you have the desire to build a great startup then you need a great team. Rowan is the man to talk to about building a great team.

Alan Froggatt is a professional coach and personal challenger. The one thing that is clear to me about great startups, is that they are lead by great people. If you want to be one of these people, Alan will make it happen. He is also the smartest man I know!

If you want an introduction to any of these amazing people, please email me at justin[at]

Over the past four years of my entrepreneurial journey, I have met and spent time with hundreds of fantastic people. These people are experienced, smart, passionate and valuable. What I have discovered about mentors is that not all of them fit you perfectly. Don’t be afraid to ask people to be a mentor. Don’t be afraid of sharing with your mentors that you have found someone who aligns with your vision and motivation better – this is great, and they will respect you more for it. These are some of the things that I love about my mentors:

  • Openness - my mentors openly share their perspective (no barriers to criticism). They will criticise the view point and question the reality I believe in.
  • Challenging – my mentors will actively challenge my perspectives and ask powerful questions. They treat me as if I have a long way to go – have high expectations for me.
  • Humility – my mentors respect that their experience is theirs alone but will share the context of their experience with me.
  • Empowering – my mentors respect and ensure I make my own choices. What I take on board, what I ask for and what I learn are my responsibility.

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