Entrepreneur Events. Get out the building and explore!

Taking entrepreneur events for granted.

For many years I have frequented entrepreneur events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Some might say I am addicted.  But, after you read this post, you will know why it is addictive.  And, you might want some too.

Entrepreneurs are remarkably good at getting focused. Sometimes this works against them. Like when they stay holed up in their garage for months on end building a product, only to emerge at the end with something that nobody wants. All that focus and energy is lost.

Last night, I attended a gathering of entrepreneurs who were interested in New Zealand’s new accelerator programme: Lightning Lab. And, last night I got reminded why entrepreneurial events are so freaking awesome!

The people you meet are awesome!

When you get out of the building and go to events with other entrepreneurs you meet crazy, energetic, passionate people. These are people that are where you are, or have been where you’re going. They want to help as much as possible with your journey, because they’ve been through the struggle.

If you’re looking for great co-founders in your startup, you will possibly meet the your future team at these very events.

People know people.

It’s crazy how much serendipitous value comes out of events like these. I get the most value out of the connections I make, and the introductions that are made with me.

When you’re talking to people about your venture and the problems you’re facing, entrepreneurs will always offer you solutions. You’ll be told “You need to meet <fill in awesome, valuable person’s name>”. Make sure you get these introductions because over time, the more people you know, the more you are able to achieve.

So much knowledge in one room.

Entrepreneurs have so much knowledge and insight, they’re just bursting to share it with you. They learn through experiences,  and boy do they have a lot of experiences!

When you’re out at events share the problems you’re facing and questions you have, you’ll get lots of advice. Listen and ask deeper questions so that you really understand the advice.

Note: not all advice is good advice, so make sure you listen and get insights from the advice, but take most of it with a grain of salt. Your hardest job is figuring out which advice fits your situation and applying it.

An outside perspective.

One of the greatest benefits of getting out of your garage and attending events is that you get some true and honest feedback from your peers. They will challenge your idea and beliefs (and many will call you out on the ones they don’t believe in). This feedback is an important part of making your idea better. Either you will use it to make the idea better, or you will be more resilient in believing that you have more insight than other people. Hopefully, whatever you choose will result in your success. But, enjoy this feedback – it’s free and it’s valuable!

Give what you can, too.

The only way anybody gets any value at events is because someone chose to give it away. When you go to events remember you know people and you have knowledge too. Keep an eye out for where you can add value to other entrepreneurs. With everyone helping everyone out, all us kiwis can take on the world with our ideas.

Go get em!

Awesome Entrepreneur Events in Auckland

Some awesome events I like to attend:

If I’ve missed out an awesome event, please add it to the comments below, and I’ll update this blog post.

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