Money: Make as much as possible! Or is there something else?

Thinking about starting a business or already working on your business ambitions?  What sparked that drive, that ambition, that passion? Was it all about making “as much money as possible”?

Having just read this article about Money and Passion by David Wilson on the Audacious Blog, it got me thinking about what drives me as an entrepreneur.

It is worth noting that David’s article is missing a lot of content, and if you are an entrepreneur reading it, I encourage you to ask more people about this topic and do further research.

I would be cautious about starting a business “to make as much money as possible”.   Because, sadly, many entrepreneurs will start businesses with this intention and hardly make any money.

What happens then is that you lose motivation – you can only live on ramen noodles for so long before “it’s just enough”. If this is your reason for starting a business, I encourage you to ask why you want to make as much money as possible.

Many entrepreneurs that I meet and interact with share this ambition with me – and when we delve deeper into that motivation together, something incredible emerges.

Often, entrepreneurs want money so that they can make a difference

— invest in others, give money as philanthropy, start and support socially-conscious businesses.

Too many entrepreneurs believe that they have to make money first before they can make a difference. Why do you believe that?

Think about it…Right now you have time, you know people. You could start making a difference today. It might be a small difference now,   but you can grow. If you spend your whole life trying to make money so that you can make a difference when you finally have money, instead of just making a difference, what if you FAIL?  You lose all that time, all that energy and all that potential impact.

I invite you to consider that you can make a difference TODAY – at the same time as you make money. The world is changing, social enterprise is a massive and emerging form of business – you can make a difference whilst making money!

When you are doing things every day with a larger purpose, you will get access to contentment, fulfilment and success. Be genuine with others and follow your true ambitions. Don’t settle for anything less. Be a small hero first, and grow into a big hero.

What difference do you want to make in the world?

2 Comments to “Money: Make as much as possible! Or is there something else?”

I remember us having a discussion not dissimilar to this recently Justin.

At the outset, I was driven to become an entrepreneur because I wanted more freedom. Being a business owner gives me incredible freedom to structure my work around my family commitments, not the other way around.

I agree that the time to make a difference is now however. That is why our business is already involved in supporting community events such as Startup Weekend.

August 7, 2012 Reply

Hi Paul! We did discuss this. I think making a difference can come in many forms, and caring for family (ensuring you have the freedom to spend time with them) can make a huge difference in their lives.

I am really appreciative of I Want My Name‘s support for startups in NZ. THANK YOU! And, I personally love the product itself – makes purchasing and managing domains extraordinarily easy (something I never experienced with GoDaddy).

Keep up the awesome work, Paul!

August 7, 2012 Reply

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