Perspective: “Enough” is enough

Perspective: How often does it annoy or irritate you when someone says “that’s enough”? Or “you’re too smart”? Or “you need to be more [___fill in the blank___]”?

This has been a constant battle going on in my mind and with people for my whole life. And, suddenly it all hit me – like a ton of bricks.

Everyone has a perspective.

When someone uses the word “enough”, what they are saying is “in my experience if you go further it’s bad”. There’s nothing wrong with what they are saying. In fact, for them they are 100% correct, this is the truth for them. And, it’s based on their experience.

In the past, it’s angered me. I’ve judged them. I’ve disliked these naysayers.

Today, I understand them. I understand that people have opinions, they have perspectives, they have experiences on which they make decisions.

My experiences are almost always different – and therefore so are my perspectives. I might choose to argue and dominate the person. I might make them wrong and prove their experience null – in face of my (obviously) superior intellect. At least, that’s what I would’ve done in the past.

Today, I am curious. I ask questions. I seek to understand. Other people’s perspectives are very powerful. After all, we as human beings don’t even know a droplet in the ocean of world knowledge.

But, as an entire species we know everything.

If only we could understand that our perspective is true,  but so are everyone elses. They are true to us.

What if I could put that aside when I found someone was disagreeing with me? What if I understood that they have a perspective – something that I don’t (currently) have – and that I could gain some insight from knowing their perspective? Then perhaps, instead of arguing, making someone wrong, dominating, I might be curious, seek to understand, and become wiser from learning from others’ experiences?

Every time I hear these words, I stop and think for just a moment and check where I am coming from:   enough, too much, too little, more, less, better, worse. (What words am I missing here?)

Not only I have a perspective. Everyone does. Not only is my perspective right. Everyone’s is.

So what have you had enough of people saying? ;)

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