Greatness at the Opening Ceremony


I watched the opening ceremony at the London Olympics this morning (NZST). It was not only spectacular and inspirational, but reaffirming. The greatness that was present in the stadium stirred some true and powerful emotions for me. In our midst were great people; who have shaped, altered and shifted the world and human mindsets. And, it’s inspiring to think about the greatness to come from our world’s athletes as they compete for gold in each of their divisions.

My Own Path to Greatness

I aspire to true greatness. Many people look at me incredulously when I explain to them that money is not a determining factor for me. It just isn’t. What does impact my life and my choices is contribution. I ask myself “what impact will this have on the world, on others and on me?”. Often I question my own motives because often I get benefit from the contributions I make – recognition (fame), remuneration (money) and education (mastery).

Watching the ceremony today there were two things that really hit home for me:

  1. Applause for Volunteers. It was inspirational and touching to hear the crescendo that went up for the 10,000 volunteers helping at the Opening Ceremony. It sounded substantially more appreciative (loud) than any other applause.
  2. Recognising the Great Leaders. The announcer recognising and appreciating Ban Ki Moon (UN Secretary General), Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopian Athlete), Shami Chakrabarti (Founder of Liberty), Marina Silva (Brazilian Environmentalist), and the great Muhammad Ali.

Both of these situations made me think about the contribution I want to make in the world. What impact could I make in a world needing change? It reaffirmed (for me) exactly what kind of greatness I am seeking in life.

Your Greatness

I’ve seen a couple of stories of how the Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games has brought forth inspiration for others on Facebook. When you were watching the opening ceremony, what other forms of greatness came up for you?

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