The Conclusion of a Great Chapter

Today is both a sad and exciting day. The end of a Chapter: I am moving out of my flat of the last 9 months and heading to Wellington.

It’s been a very interesting, challenging and fulfilling experience with some amazing people.

When I first moved in in July 2011 it was with Chirag and Nishant. And the following months were amazing — I learned to cook Indian food from scratch. I love indian food, so this has been a huge bonus. Getting to know these guys and being a part of their lives has been superb.

Then Nishant moved out and Luigi moved in. Luigi and I were great friends at that stage, and it was awesome to have him around more. We are both intelligent and world-change-aspiring people so the conversations were electrifying. We went through our ups-and-downs, and when we eventually figured each other out, it’s been a truly great friendship. It will be interesting how we stay connected after this, because we are so close.

I never expected to be so connected to this place and these guys, but it is rather sad that I am moving out. I will miss you guys!

And, I will totally miss my favourite coffee shop in Auckland. You all should go here at least once, and meet Brim the owner! (Yes, Brim, as in “Full to the Brim”)

Next stop: Wellington.

As with any chapter concluding, a new chapter begins. In a few weeks I will be moving to Wellington where I will be doing a bunch of things, but most importantly I will be close to my GREAT startup team, Copono. Here, there will no longer be boundaries between us and changing the world.

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Dude, it is slowly sinking in that you won’t be around to get together and shoot the breeze anymore. I have so valued having you here and will miss the ease of being able catch up impromptu styles. I know you are not lost though. Go go well old friend…

March 23, 2012 Reply

Hehe, aw thanks Ro! I know we won’t be as able to have catch ups regularly. But skyping can certainly offer an alternative. I think your “sinking in” has just made it sink in with me. Aww, man. I am going to miss you and the gang! Keep hustling!!!

March 29, 2012 Reply

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