Mobile-Optimised Websites, and where they fail at AirNewZealand

Recently I used AirNZ’s iPhone App GrabASeat. It’s a great app by the way.

But, where the app is great, it fails at achieving its purpose.

Grabaseat is an app that notifies the app holder when flight deals (auctions) become available and it sends push notifications to your phone to alert you.

Now when you decide to buy the deal this is what you get taken to.

This makes no sense to me at all. The only place I am using this app is on my mobile, and yet I am sent to this joey of a website to make a booking. I have to admit, I have deliberately not booked twice because of this flaw.

AirNZ, I know a web developer that is craving to build your mobile-optimised sites for you. You just have to email me for the intro.

But, get onto it quick!

How important do you think mobile-optimisation is right now?

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