.@telecomnz “Please pay your bill. But, really, we don’t care about you.”

I have always been a great fan of the blogging style of Graeme Russell of AdageBusiness. He says it like it is; he makes a complaint (otherwise known as an “observation” ;) then he critiques it, and offers a suggestion.

Today, I am taking a page out of his book and making an observation about Telecom. So, let’s tell the story first:


I recently upgraded my phone from a Galaxy S to an iPhone 4S and in that move I switched from Vodafone to Telecom. I was very impressed with the Sales guy who I spoke to and I felt like a valued customer. Telecom has been a very valuable upgrade to me — fast 3G internet, great plan and so on.

But, today, I receive the ominous call “You need to pay your bill, or we will take further action.” Fair enough. But I haven’t been notified about the bill at all; no text message, no email, no letter in the mail. Nothing! I don’t even know how much to pay at this point. Great work Telecom for keeping in touch with your customers.

So, I call *123 to enquire how much I need to pay. Yay, it’s an automated answering service…but apparently it “doesn’t understand” me, and “can I repeat myself”. There is no option to speak direct with a customer service rep. So I try and fail multiple times to get through to a rep. Four calls later, finally I achieve success. Then I proceed to ask the rep what I want to know — what is my bill payment, and, how do I ensure I am notified in the future?

HE HANGS UP…WTF!? Seriously?!?!?!?!

I couldn’t believe it, I was fuming. So, I left work and walked 10 minutes to the nearest Telecom store to sort this out. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t walk anywhere for 10 minutes to deal with this crap — I write a blog post (see?).

And, there I finally encounter a decent human being that gives a crap! Thanks Misan. He gives me the info I need and deals with thing in 3 minutes…despite my inherent anger.


And, herein lies the tragedy. When I signed up to Telecom I was stoked with them. Now, I am not happy. So, Telecom, if you really care about your customers I suggest you sort this crap out — get rid of the “automated answering service” (which feels like talking to an idiot) and the poor customer service reps. And, we might have something in common: we care about each other.

Yesterday I was touting Telecom to everyone. Today, forget about it.

Yesterday I was a customer who cared about paying my bills on time. Today, forget about it.

Now, readers, what advice do you have for Telecom?

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Can you post Telecom’s DMs? Intriguinger.

January 19, 2012 Reply

Interestingly enough, so far they have publicly responded asking for info, but done nothing about it, now that I have given them my info. Looks like a customer service rouse to me?

January 20, 2012 Reply

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