IFTTT – Automation for busy people

One of my greatest discoveries in 2011 has to be IFTTT (If This Then That).

Because I am exceptionally busy but I still want to be able to do certain things on the web, IFTTT has allowed me to do so many things in so much less time.

AU – TO – MA – TI – ON !!!

So for example, when I want to post articles that I like to Twitter…this is what I use IFTTT to do:

[I "star" an article in Google Reader]
[send a Tweet out with a link to the article]

To do this the old way I would have to (1) had to open the article on the web, (2) click the tweet button and (3) tweet it out if I was already logged in. Using IFTTT it takes me a tenth of the time and it can all happen from where I want it to happen (Google Reader).

IFTTT is amazing and it can do ANYTHING YOU WANT. Check it out and let me know what you’re doing with it in the comments below.

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