Fun Marketing Idea for Sphero


I first came across Sphero when I watched Tech Stars TV a few months back. Yesterday, I watched an interview of their founders on This Week in TechStars.

If you don’t know what Sphero is “it is a Robotic Ball controlled with your smart phone!” Check it out here.

Now, this ball can do anything you want it to, and you can program any app to make it do anything you want it to. Ah…possibility…

So, I had an idea…

Wouldn’t it be cool if you set up a room with a Sphero in it, set up some obstacles (a maze or something). And then run a social campaign (using a live feed cam) that gets people all around the world to contribute one small action in order to get the sphero to do some thing or complete some objective?

I see Viral.

What else would you do with the Sphero?

Alternatively, for anyone with a cat. Completing the above setup and then creating random actions using tweets or something else, might be a great way to keep the cat entertained.

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