Finding NZ’s Top Entrepreneurs…The Wrong Idea

I see it all over the place. Competitions here, there and everywhere searching for “NZ’s Top Entrepreneurs”.

Why are we doing this?

In the entrepreneurial space we already know who the top entrepreneurs are in NZ: Rod Drury, Derek Handley, Sam Morgan, Sean Gourley, Victoria Ransom, Sebastian MarinoGeoff Ross and many more. These are many of the people that inspire our entrepreneurs at the grassroots level today. But these are the same entrepreneurs that have investment, that have support, that are recognised and good as gold.

But one of the major complaints by many investors in NZ is the lack of deal flow. There just aren’t enough good entrepreneurs bringing up good ideas and building great businesses.

I suspect part of the problem is that investors, the media and the public want to find “the best”. They forget that the more good entrepreneurs you create, the more great entrepreneurs emerge, and the pie gets bigger for everyone.

Perhaps we would be better off supporting the education, development and support system for good entrepreneurs. This is a grassroots movement at the end of the day. And by bringing more entrepreneurs into the mix we increase deal flow for investors, we create more success stories, and we develop more revenue for NZ as a whole.

I would like to see the entrepreneurial ecosystem in NZ supporting more of the grassroots movement. Perhaps, instead of having competitions and support mechanisms that reward only those that are already recognised, we might see the available resources shared with some of our up-and-coming success stories.

This is one of the reasons I co-organise Startup Weekend New Zealand. You will hear more about Startup Weekend soon, but in the meanwhile between 24-26 February, Startup Weekend Christchurch will be happening, and it would be compelling to have you along.

Visit the website, and buy your ticket now.

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