Living Below the Line. A story…

On Monday this week I started living below the line.

This is (usually) a five day challenge where people spend only $2.25 per day on food and drink. That means no coffee, no meat, no soft drinks, no takeaways, no biscuits, and certainly smaller meals…to start the list.

I’m doing the Challenge for 14 days and would love your support. In fact, a $60 donation will give one person in Kalimpong, India access to education, medicine, clean water and toilets.

So what am I doing during this campaign?

Writing stories.

The great thing about Live Below is that it’s all about the story. Vijay has a story. Esha has a story. Everyone has a story.

In the next few days, you will find out a bit about my journey. But, that’s not what gets me excited.

If you hadn’t guessed already, I am very passionate about stories. But, in particular, I am passionate about you and your story.

Great people, great businesses, great causes have great stories. You are a great person – so my dedication to you during this Challenge is to tell your story.

Please make a donation to the cause and send me a short story about anything. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • I really want to be a ______ because ______…
  • I love doing _______ with ______ because ______…
  • I have a great friend, ______, and they are special because _____…
  • I want to change the world like this ______ because ______…
  • My company is great because _____…

One comment “Living Below the Line. A story…”

“spend only $2.25 per day on food and drink” No problem, if you take that grain you were going to eat in bread or other flour product and use the seeds. Soak, wash, sprout and MAGIC – you have a salad for a week for the same money as bread for a day. Quick, easy, no cooking, better for digestion, and not fattening.
These sprouts can also be prepared as a convenience, travel food, Fermented Essene Bread, first recorded as a recipe – in The Bible!
Next, apply on a massive scale, and solve world hunger.

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