My last coffee for 2 weeks #livebelow

When I started writing this post I already began to feel the effects of coffee deprivation – having finished my coffee 30 minutes before.

It’s all, of course, a mental game. A game I expect to be playing many times over the next two weeks.

Tomorrow, marks the first day of my Live Below the Line Challenge.

P3 Foundation, an organisation I volunteer for, are helping raise funds to help build infrastructure for villages in Kalimpong, India. The Challenge for all of you, is to live on NZ$2.25 worth of food every day, for five days.

I’m doing a personal Challenge. A two-week Challenge.

This first week, I will experiment with the Challenge – what food I buy, how often I eat…what I do to control myself and bear with the lack of food (coffee! etc).

The second week, I will be doing the Challenge completely seriously, and I expect it will be a serious challenge. For those who know me, they know I love my food :(

Please stay in touch with what I learn through all this, so that when you are doing the Challenge between 22-26 August, it’s just that little bit easier.

If you aren’t doing the challenge please DO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT by giving me a donation. $60 is enough money for one person in Kalimpong to get access to schooling, toilets, clean water and medicine.

Donate here, now.

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[...] (usually) a five day challenge where people spend only $2.25 per day on food and drink. That means no coffee, no meat, no soft drinks, no takeaways, no biscuits, and certainly smaller meals…to start the [...]

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