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Rating: 5 stars. The Thank You Economy (TYE) is a smart, useful and compelling book about the benefits of a cultural shift for your business. Gary convinces us that the long-term strategy for every business involves OUT CARING the competition. By being the most caring, the most surprising, the most delighting business out there, you will win customers, employees and everything in between. I highly recommend you read this and buy a copy for your CEO, especially if you’re running a business or involved in a stagnant one.

Gary has put a lot of great effort into writing TYE and has created, not only an inspiring viewpoint for a change in culture, but, an impeccable reference tool with proof and evidence for every point he makes. Gary has chosen amazing real-world-examples to demonstrate his opinions and arguments.

The over arching theme in the TYE is that the future of every business depends on their attitude toward their customers. In a world where customers are inextricably and publicly linked, and news and opinions can spread like wild fire, businesses must delight and surprise customers rather than treat them as “just another sale”. The great thing about the world that businesses now operate in, is that the tools to do this one-on-one “delighting” are openly and freely available to them. There are no excuses for ignoring your customers.

Gary emphasises persistently that every brand must be creative in everything they do. Out-of-the-box thinking and campaigning, continuous innovating, is the only way to consistently delight your customers and OUT CARE the competition. It is also very important to innovate quickly, and try be the first to market. Doing so will help keep you ahead of the game.

I suppose the most important paradigm is attitude. None of this is possible in the long-run if you and your business do not have the right culture. It is your job as the CEO to instil a culture of care in your organisation, in your employees and in every interaction that takes place between your customers and your brand. Trusting employees and giving them the freedom and resources to delight is empowering for them and inspires them to work towards the vision. It also crowd-sources the creative marketing work you need to delight your customers. Work from the top, empower your employees and inspire a culture of CARE in your company and everything will work in your favour in the long-run.

Utilise both traditional media and social media to execute your campaigns. Using them both creatively can be powerful. Gary suggests that by using social media to back up traditional campaigns and continue the conversation can enhance the emotion your customers attach to your brand. I couldn’t agree more with this suggestion. Using Facebook, Twitter and other digital tools to continue the conversation with your customers, builds relationships, trust and a bond that competitors cannot contend with.

I urge every business leader to consider this new culture, this philosophy. Out-caring your competitors shows your customers (and employees) that you give a damn. This will make them loyal, make them feel a part of a community and grow a strong business for the future. Consistently delighting and innovating is vital to keeping your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds. But it couldn’t be any easier than right now, with the tools available to you.

What is your business doing to change face with your customers? Please let us know about what you’re doing by posting a comment below.

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