Day 1 – New Lifestyle

It’s been a pretty awkward experience so far, this new lifestyle.

Obviously, the major change to my habits was the sleeping pattern that I adopted. It has been a killer change – both good and bad.

I found it exceedingly difficult to get to sleep in the 30minutes of allotted time every 4 hours. The first few naps I took I got 5 minutes rest each – admittedly I wasn’t yet tired.

However, as it came to later in the night, I found it easier to fall asleep. My 1am nap was decent.

However, I messed up with my 5am nap, missing my alarm and sleeping two and a half hours. I felt terrible about that! No worries though, it brough my total sleep to about 3.5 hours last night.

At a few stages I felt a little exhausted, my legs felt like they had a mind of their own and I was a little off-balance.

My 9am nap was amazing, I got 20 minutes and when I awoke I was totally refreshed and keen. I tried to sleep at 1pm but couldn’t. Albeit I was awake and alert for all of today, which was good and unexpected.

So what did I achieve?

  • I wrote 3 blog posts
  • I reduced my Google Reader list from 1,000+ to 600 and am up to date on a lot of news.
  • I finished my book, the Thank You Economy and wrote a review.
  • I started reading another book about spirituality – as recommended to me.
  • I ate quite healthily and drank 6 large glasses of water.
  • I did a whole lot of admin work for Shopt.
  • I listed a bunch of Rugby World Cup Tickets on my Shopt page. If you are thinking about coming to watch, let me know.

This was an incredible day. I am surprisingly alert and can’t wait to see how this new lifestyle works for me. Anyway I am about to hit my next nap. Au revoire for now…

Have you done anything crazy lately? What was it?

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I’ve heard/read it’s quite a difficult sleep routine to get into, takes at least 2 weeks. You just have to persist or it won’t work. Results sound quite incredible, though!

April 26, 2011 Reply

Indeed, and the way I am currently feeling, this isn’t going to be an easy road :P

Have you ever tried to do something like this?

April 26, 2011 Reply

Justin, I meant to reply more to the Tweet you posted about this. Lou commented better than I did about this, noting that it seemed to be a lot of structure and that the “old” you was perfectly fine, it is. Whilst this is none of my business it strikes me that all this structure, a goal centred approach to your day, while laudable, could be setting yourself up for failure. I think (and I appreciate that I don’t know you) this is tough and wonder why we can all be so hard on ourselves for goals achieved that may look terrific on paper (awe inspiring) but could be hollow in their achievement. You have always appeared to be a high achiever, interesting, focussed and human, it would be a great shame to lose all of that. To be honest I want to take you for coffee and hear more about it and how it relates to you. Balance is key. Some thoughts

April 26, 2011 Reply

Hi Guy. Thanks for taking the time to write that up, I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. I can understand why the goals seem like stringent structure, but please see them more as guidelines. In my life I need to know what’s happening in the industry, I need to commentate on what I learn and what I can teach others and I need to control some of my bad habits. The goals I put forward are there to guide me in that direction. They are merely a starting point to develop new habits. I expect that after a few weeks of this new routine, I will be able to be more versatile and flexible in what I do, but I will develop the discipline to accomplish that which is of high-priority to me and the business. I would be very happy to catch up with you, as it has been way too long. Email me your availability for the second week of May to justin(at) Btw, did you attempt anything crazy like this in the past – just curious?

April 26, 2011 Reply

Justin, thank you for taking this in the spirit it was intended. I would be pleased to have the opportunity for a catch-up, coffee in May. I will email, maybe I can even hold a mirror up to you so that you can see how good you already are (a magic mirror maybe, one that shows you how other people see you)… I certainly appreciate what you are saying about your work, yes you need to be on top of your game, I can see that, but your work, your services and the values you espouse will be appreciated so much more by your humanity. I love technology but I love the people who look after it more and dont treat me like an idiot along the way. Remember its who you are that people will value (and your services) not the other way around

April 26, 2011 Reply

Guy, that’s an amazing response. I feel uplifted by that. Thank you for the kind words and I hope that I can show you that my approach is purely based on humanising.

April 26, 2011 Reply

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