Review: Think And Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

Rating: 4.5 stars. This was a great, serious read. I gathered some great insights and learned a load about things I do and shouldn’t and things I don’t do and should – to be successful. This is a comprehensive argument and guide to being successful. My only issue with this book is that it is outdated – however EVERY lesson is true and worthwhile reading. I highly recommend this book. You can buy it from The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide).

This was a great read that I found quite hard to put down, even though I have been very busy. Napoleon Hill after years of research, thousands of interviews with America’s richest and most powerful leaders and a lot of time to think, reasons that there are 13 steps to being successful. Here they are with my take on them:

  1. Desire – Having something you really want to achieve, earn, buy or find is key in the long run. It gives you a target to aim at, something to think about when you need motivation, and most of all the end point of a journey. This is the starting point in your journey to success. What do you want?
  2. Faith - Knowing what you want and believing you can achieve it is paramount to success. 99% of people will bash your goals and be nay-sayers. You need to believe in yourself and your goals to keep motivated in your journey to success. Thinking positively, visualising yourself achieving your goals is also very important. Do this often and you may trick yourself into believing! Are you self-confident and believe in your vision?
  3. Auto-suggestion – Train your mind. Repeatedly and systematically think and meditate about your goals. Consistently bringing your desire to the forefront of your mind will help you see the opportunities available to you, train your subconscious, filter out negativity and make you strong in your desires. Do you take 5 minutes out every day to think about your mission?
  4. Specialised Knowledge – Read, talk about, learn about as much as you can. But that is not enough, learn to apply and use this information. Information is not knowledge until you know how to use it. Do you take the time to think about what you learned every day?
  5. Imagination – Test your mind, search for problems, imagine solutions. Most importantly when you believe you have a solution, BELIEVE you have the solution. Be confident and definite in your ideas and your plan to execute them. Have you come up with ideas and stuck with them?
  6. Organised Planning – Take your desire, your ideas and cement them in a plan to take action. Make sure you are comprehensive in detailing your plan, write it down, tell people about it, make yourself accountable. It’s not good enough to have an idea, work out how you will execute it, and then make sure there are fail safes to keep you on queue. Have you written down your plan of action yet?
  7. Decision – Be decisive. Whenever you have to make a choice, do your research, make a decision, stick with it and do this all very quickly and efficiently. Indecision leads to problems, distrust, lack of confidence from those around you and problems just keep getting bigger. Being decisive makes sure you don’t procrastinate. Are you being decisive?
  8. Persistence – ALWAYS stick to the plan, do not be swayed by obstacles and negative people, be confident in yourself and Go! Go! Go! The secret to attaining your goal is ruthless persistence. If you are the most driven, most focused, most desirous person out there, YOU WILL WIN. When was the last time you stuck with your goal to the end?
  9. Power of the Master Mind – Surround yourself with people that add value to you, assist you with skills and knowledge that will help you achieve your goals. By bringing intelligent, talented people together, you can play to your strengths and theirs. This helps eliminate weaknesses and build a team of successful people. Who do you spend your time with? Are they adding value to your journey or detracting from it?
  10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation – According to Hill, during intercourse or other sexual activities we are at our most lucid and creative. It is at these times when we can transfer our most powerful energy towards our goals, harness the power of our imagination and see the thing we most desire. I won’t confirm nor deny this to be true, but having a supportive partner is imperative. Does your partner actively support your endeavours?
  11. The Subconscious Mind – The most powerful thing of all is your mind, your subconscious. This is where decisions get made that you aren’t even consciously aware of. This is where things get “seen” that you may not notice, this is the filter of your mind. You must train your subconscious to possess and amplify these emotions: Desire, Faith, Love, Sex, Enthusiasm, Romance, Hope. And you must eliminate and block out these emotions: Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed, Superstition, Anger. Are you training your mind to be positive?
  12. The Brain – Your brain can receive and transmit information through thought. Surround yourself with positive people, and you will possess positive thought. Think about your desires and the opportunities to achieve those desires will suddenly appear plain-as-day. Use your brain and your thoughts to tell the world what you want and attract that closer to you. Do you think about what you want enough?
  13. The Sixth Sense – Napoleon talks about this in much the same way as “Enlightenment” or Nirvana: it is the state where your mind and desires fit with your surroundings and the Universe. I interpret this slightly differently. I think when you know what you want, you know what drives you and you are so focused on this end goal you suddenly see things (opportunities) that make your goal realisable. By following these 13 steps, you can train your mind to see what it needs to see, and to act when it needs to act. Have you ever just suddenly spotted opportunities in front of you that weren’t that obvious?

Most of all, the power of the mind is one to be reckoned with. I believe in this wholeheartedly. I believe what you think, what you believe is permanently transfixed in your subconscious and everything you do and see is filtered through this lens. Training your mind to see what it needs to see helps you spot opportunities, grasp them and win. To be successful quickly and with the least amount of pain, I recommend you buy this book.

Have you read “Think and Grow Rich”? What did you think of the book? Lets discuss this in the comments below.

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