Opportunism to the #entrepreneur

It’s been a wee while since I last made an appearance on this blog. My apologies, but life has hit me like a 50 tonne train carrying a tonne of bricks. Having read Ben Young’s recent blog post about opportunity and having one of those epic days, I thought I would write about a trait I think every entrepreneur naturally has – or can develop: Opportunism.

Opportunities present themselves at the most inappropriate moments, but they do it often. One thing I think every entrepreneur does well is spot these seemingly inconsequential events (opportunities) and grab them by the horns. Great entrepreneurs are, as Ben says, always prepared for those opportunities. But most importantly, they have an open mind which really helps them see them. I have the perfect example from today…

On my way to a meeting with a potential mentor/advisor/investor I got into the lift, and someone joined me. He was going to the 5th floor, I was heading to the 3rd. I asked “What’s on level 5?” And he told me that he worked for Company X.

Company X rang a bell, I remember hearing about it from the Stephen Tindall talk I recently attended. I asked if I could come find out more after my meeting. And off I went…

Immediately after my meeting I visited Company X and was introduced to the Sales Exec and all three of us went and had a coffee. What an awesome conversation we had. We had an interesting discussion about what their business was and what it was doing, it’s customers and a whole lot more. I learned a lot. But then it was my turn to chat myself up (as you do, right?). After my spiel, they asked what I would do with their online strategy and then how much I would cost. Of course I said “Let me have a more detailed look at your company and what I could do, but can I get in touch.”

Cards exchanged, hands shaken, smiles transferred and what an awesome day.

End result: social media consulting client “sold”

Where did this all come from? One question “what’s on level 5?” An opportunity arose, I grabbed it, I followed up and now I have something exciting to work on. Are you being opportunistic in everything you encounter?

What amazing opportunity arose recently that you grabbed by the horns? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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