Review: Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Rating: 5 stars. Exhilirating, logical, passionate, motivating. If you have a passion, and it’s not your job (right now), read this book today, and make a commitment to your passion! Thanks for a great read Gary Vay-ner-chuk! Buy the book here.

If there ever was a book that was perfect for Gary to write, this was it. I have followed Gary for some time now, and this book is written with pure Gary Vee style – that is with passion, enthusiasm, confidence and flair.

Crush It is a book that talks about how every single one of us has the tools and the ability to enjoy our “work” lives. Gary shows us that we can find our passion – the one thing that gets our juices flowing – and use the amazing world around us to monetize it. The most important point of the book it to find your passion, be the best you can be in that area, focus on building your name (personal brand), and the money will eventually come flowing.

I believe him, and he is one of the driving forces behind me, my business and my drive to achieve personal brand recognition. After reading this book, I guarantee that you will be so motivated to get “hustling”, that you will need to stop and think for a second. Know this, the tools are there to monetize your passion. Right now, the world is our oyster; with freedoms like the internet, and tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blogging and more, anyone can talk about and specialise in what they are passionate about.

I challenge you to read this book, identify your passion, get hustling and make your dreams a reality.

Key points in the book:

  • “Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill in business” <– something I totally agree with. Being able to tell a story in a way that is personal to the people you want on your side, and getting people motivated enough to act is an art. Learn to do this well, if you can’t already.
  • Learn about how to use Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, and more. Gary gives great explanations about each tool and how best to use them. If you want to know more, read the book! Oh, and make sure all your channels are linked to each other and integrate well.
  • Be original, be authentic YOU – after all, there is no one better than being you,  than you.  Be loud, be creative, be out there, be different. This will draw attention.
  • CARE. Pay attention to you fans. If someone engages with you take an interest in them, show them you care and they will grow your community for you.
  • Gary is so awesome that he encourages you to contact him at if you have any questions at all.

Find out more about Gary Vee at

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