Review: Blink – Malcolm Gladwell

Rating: 4.5 stars. Challenging, descriptive, convincing and eloquent. A great read and very educational in a fun (subconscious) sort of way.

Malcolm Gladwell is a great writer and author, he has written many highly acclaimed books and is a consistent writer for the New Yorker. I like Malcolm’s books because he makes links between characteristics and data that many may not. He makes it clear, easy to read and simple for any reader to understand what he is trying to say and achieve.

Blink is a book about human nature, impressions and behavior. Blink discusses how our first impressions (within a matter of micro-seconds) can be highly accurate indicators of a particular person’s nature and attitude, and whether we may continue a relationship with them in the future. Gladwell provides evidence from many studies that show this to be true, and I must implore you to read this book, because it blows my mind how some of it could possibly be true – it is just so inconceivable and yet believable.

Gladwell talks about how behaviors can be influenced by what we read, what we see, what we hear and much more – our surroundings, our circumstances. Having just finished reading Tipping Point he explains this very well in a few of the chapters. I find it fascinating that, as humans, we are influenced by our environment and circumstances more than anything else – so we should pick our friends, homes, workplaces and surroundings very carefully.

I loved this book – I love learning – and it taught me a lot about human emotion and behavior. I did find it difficult to read compared to many other books I have read recently, but this is because a lot of what Gladwell is trying to say needs to be evidenced in detail – which is what made Blink a little hard to read. However, if you want your mind to be blown then pick up Blink today. Oh, and check out Malcolm’s blog.

Read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell? What did you think? Please share your thoughts and learnings in the comments below.

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