Inspiration to make a difference!

I am stuck at home today, the heavens are coming down. But that hasn’t stopped me from looking for inspiration. I found a video today, that I saw a while ago, that was amazing. It is truly unforgettable when you see one person pull off the “impossible”. Check out Nick Vujicic for a little inspiration:

On my casual travels online today, I found a perspective that I believe in: “we no longer have to see the direct repercussions our purchases have on the people, environment and animals they affect. The degrees of separation between the consumer and the consumed have increased so much that we’re completely unaware of the levels of destruction and suffering embodied in the stuff we buy.” (From

I think this is the case. We have forgotten to think about our purchasing. We do it so often, why should we care? Well, around the world, corporations are trying to cut costs and increase profits. I am not against profit at all, as it drives growth, and growth is vital in order to innovate and solve problems. But driving down costs at the expense of exploiting people and the environment is unacceptable. Internet has opened our eyes to this. We can now see into the lives of those who have been and still are exploited every day. We see videos of how they live, we hear about people visiting them, we see how the environment is changing, and the repercussions of our decisions. The internet lets us see into the corners of the earth, that have been ignored for so long.

AND we are changing, people now think about their purchases. We buy organic to reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals. We buy free range eggs, meat and milk to make better health choices. We buy fair trade to recognise that our producers are paid fairly, and treated ethically, and living acceptably. All these choices are becoming more common. All these industries are growing and taking over the industries of the past. I am proud to be a part of this movement. I believe that we should think about our purchases, I don’t like to be fooled by sneaky, cost-cutting, exploitative corporations. I want to know they care about more than profits. The question is: Do you care?

If you do, try buying fair trade chocolate or coffee, instead of the usual. The next time you are looking for a meaningful gift for your friends or family, try a fair trade gift. Make a choice, and tell people about it. What better way to tell everyone you care, than through Facebook? Buy a gift through Vital Gifts and you can spread the word that you care, whilst supporting the producers of your products. Trust me, they need us.

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