Welcome to my new blog

Hi everyone,

Decided that I would start writing my own blog. For anyone interested in keeping tabs on me or Vital Link, or Vital Gifts you are in the right place. I will put any information about me, the companies’ developments and just anything in general. I hope to keep you all informed and interested.

If not, then there is always YouTube, or Facebook. If on facebook, go check out the new application, Vital Gifts.


Its a gift giving application for Fair Trade products. If you aren’t aware of Fair Trade that okay. Fair Trade is amazing, its an initiative to stop the exploitation of third world producers. If you buy a Fair Trade branded product you know that the producer who made it was given a fair price for his time and effort.

That is what you are doing when you buy a gift through Vital Gifts; making a real difference to a struggling third world producer. Plus you get a sweet gift for your mate! Most of all, every single one of your mates will know about it (tell them with a wall post).

So go check it out, become a fan, tell your mates to join, and when it your mate’s birthday make him happy, buy him a gift.

That is it for now. Stay strong


P.S. Fair Trade to the People!

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